Sassy Snapdragon Florals


It's me, Shana, head "Sass" behind all the pretty petals you see here...

And yes, I am a bit sassy; keeping things playful, dynamic and fresh just like my floral designs!

I'm always straight forward and pretty bold.

I love art, creating, conceptualizing and spending time outdoors and with my  friends and daughters. Day trips to the mountains or to local parks keep me connected to my natural environment where I am always inspired by the infinite creations God has gifted us. Taking time to appreciate those little gifts is vital to my sanity and creative flow.

I have to be comfortable- so I'm typically a jeans and t-shirt girl most of the time.  "What you see is what you get" is definitely a sentiment that suits this Sassy mamma.

About My Work/Creative Process

For me, one of the appeals of working with flowers is their transient nature.

Sensitive to their surroundings, delicate and lasting only a week or two, a beautiful bouquet of flowers still manages to create an impact in its surroundings that can be as powerful, fresh, and joyful as the most stunning piece of art.  

When I began working with flowers over 15 years ago, I realized that the principles necessary in floral design were exactly those of fine art: balance, composition, line, color, texture, contrast, and proportion. Neglecting any of these elements makes for an unappealing finished piece, no matter the material.

It is a great joy creating one-of-a-kind works of floral artworks to celebrate life’s most heartfelt gatherings just for you, one stem at a time! 

May you always remember to appreciate the little things and stop to smell the roses... and lavender, and peonies...

Shana Stewart
Owner & Head Designer