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For me, one of the appeals of working with flowers is their transient nature.

Sensitive to their surroundings, delicate and lasting only a week or two, a beautiful bouquet of flowers still manages to create an impact in its surroundings that can be as powerful, fresh, and joyful as the most stunning piece of art.  

When I began working with flowers over ten years ago, I realized that the principles necessary in floral design were exactly those of fine art: balance, composition, line, color, texture, contrast, and proportion. Neglecting any of these elements makes for an unappealing finished piece, no matter the material.

Creating gorgeous, one-of-a-kind works of floral art to celebrate life’s most heartfelt gatherings comes not only from knowing your medium but from loving what you do and feeling passionate about it!

Whether you are looking for something contemporary, outside-the-box, modern, romantic, shabby chic, eclectic gypsy, or refined and traditional, I look forward to hearing about your vision and making it a reality!
Wishing you all the best on your journey of hearts and petals !

Shana Stewart
Owner & Head Designer